Carrot is a rewards platform that helps you earn bitcoin.

Common Questions

Where do I get Carrot Codes?
Carrot Codes are given out by content creators, brands, and organizations as rewards for participating in their own communities. Follow us on Twitter and sign up for the newsletter for announcements of where to get more Codes!
Do I need a bitcoin wallet?
Yes. Carrot currently only supports bitcoin payouts via the Lightning Network. To receive payments you will need a bitcoin enabled wallet. To learn more, please read our help guides.
Why do you pay out via lightning?
The bitcoin lightning network allows for fast & secure payments for fees that are a fraction of traditional payment methods such as PayPal or credit card processing. Plus, anyone can use the lightning network!
Am I responsible for Taxes on the income?
All users are responsible for reporting any income. In the US, there is a $600 limit is just the IRS requirement for Form 1099-MISC to be considered necessary to file by the payer. Please make sure to follow all of your local regulations!
How can I put out codes for my own brand?
We are currently accepting applications for brands and content creators who would like to be launch partners for Carrot. If this sounds like you, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
How do I receive the bitcoin?
Carrot is a platform to earn bitcoin, not a bitcoin wallet. To withdraw your balance, you'll need a lightning-enabled bitcoin wallet. We're also working on new ways to spend your rewards from Carrot in 2022.

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